Blonde 2013 Year in Review

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January – Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight

February – Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels…HELLOOO!…bottles won’t fit in printer.

March – Got really excited…finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 months….box said “2 – 4 years”

April – Trapped on escalator for hours…power went out.

May- Tried to make Kool-Aid – wrong instructions… 8 cups of water won’t fit into that little packet.

June- Tried to go water skiing – couldn’t find a lake with a slope.

July – Lost breast stoke swimming competition…learned later, the other swimmers cheated, they used their arms.

August- Got locked out of my car in a rain storm…car swamped because soft-top was open.

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Bathroom Lights

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A doctor is making a routine call to one of his elderly patients.

He asks, ”And how are you doing today, Mr. Johnson?”

Mr. Johnson replies, ”I feel just fine, doc. But you know, it’s the strangest thing. Every night when I get up to pee, the bathroom light goes on for me automatically when I open the door!”

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The doctor is worried that the old guy is getting senile, so he phones the man’s son, and the son’s wife answers.

The doctor tells her, ”Mrs. Johnson, I’m a little concerned about your father-in-law. It seems that when he gets up to urinate at night and opens the bathroom door, the light somehow goes on…

”Mrs. Johnson yells, ”STEVEN! Daddy’s peeing in the refrigerator again!”

Blonde In Boeing

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A blonde gets an opportunity to fly to a nearby country. She has never been on an airplane anywhere and was very excited and tense.

As soon as she boarded the plane,a Boeing747, she started jumping in excitement, running over seat to seat and starts shouting, “BOEING! BOEING!! BOEING!!! BO…..”

She sort of forgets where she is, even the pilot in the cock-pit hears the noise. Annoyed by the goings on, the Pilot comes out and shouts, “BE SILENT!”

`There was pin-drop silence everywhere and everybody is looking at the blonde and the angry Pilot. She stared at the pilot in silence for a moment, concentrated really hard, and all of a sudden started shouting, “OEING! OEING! OEING! OE….”

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